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Past drafts mostly bad posted on 06/12/2009
The MLB draft took place this week as 1,521 high school and college kids were selected by 30 teams. For most teams not named the Yankees, who can spend $400 million on free agents to replenish their roster, the draft holds the keys to future success or failure.

Now it's virtually impossible to turn every high draft choice into a major league all-star. In baseball it takes three, four or more years for a pick to even make his debut in the bigs. So much can happen in that timeframe that a bust or two are bound to happen. The objective is not to let this go on for years on end like the Detroit Tigers did throughout the 90s and early part of this decade.

Looking back at the Tigers’ first-round draft choices from the last 20 years it's obvious why they were so horrible. Since 1989 the Tigers have had four winning seasons (two in the last three) and nine 90-plus loss seasons with four of those over 100 losses.

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“The Corner” no more posted on 06/10/2009
“The Corner” soon will be just another corner in a city filled with old, rundown and abandoned buildings. For some reason Tiger Stadium had to be the first to go.

The Detroit's Economic Development Corp. commission voted last Tuesday (7-1) to tear down the remaining portion of Tiger Stadium. Most of the ballpark was torn down last summer with just the portion between first and third base remaining. The commission sited safety and security (currently being paid by the Conservancy) concerns along with making the area viable to developers as their reasoning for the vote.

Within days demolition crews were in place. Demolition began and stopped on Friday because of a court injunction. A ruling yesterday allowed the crews to resume knocking down a structure standing since 1912.

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The next Lebron posted on 06/08/2009
The next Lebron (James) doesn't even play basketball? Hmm, that's odd. The next Lebron, like Lebron, more than likely will never go to college before a pro career. The next Lebron, according to this week's Sports Illustrated, is a 16 year old high school baseball player from Las Vegas.

The next Lebron James is Bryce Harper.

Harper, a catcher, throws 96, right handed, bats left and routinely hits 500 foot homeruns. He travels all over the country participating on weekend travel teams, all-star games, pro-draft days and USA Baseball tryouts. Harper who is being advised by mega agent Scott Boras is thinking about earning his GED this summer so he can play junior college ball and become eligible for next years MLB draft instead of 2011.

Here we go again. This time a sensational high school baseball player is being labeled as the next best thing. Heck this time he's not even being compared to another baseball player. He's being compared to an NBA player who just won his first MVP but has yet to win a championship.

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Same Squirrel? posted on 06/04/2009

Comerica Park is home for the Detroit Tigers and apparently some squirrels!

The other night against Boston a squirrel made it's way onto the playing field in the second inning before being chased by stadium personal into the bushes in center field (see video ). From there it chilled out and watched at least a portion of the game.

I was at Comerica Park on May 16th for the Tigers/Oakland game. I like to get there a little early to watch batting practice and hopefully catch a homerun ball. Yes, I'm still a kid that way.

For most of the pregame I was entertained, by not the batting practice, but a fury little squirrel running around the bullpen trying to find a place to go. After about ten minutes of running back and forth along the top of the bullpen between both teams it made it's way onto the field before disappearing into the Tigers dugout. The little guy wasn't seen from the remainder of the game.

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D-Train in Motion for the Detroit Tigers posted on 05/20/2009

I know it's only one game. It's only one win. But when was the last time one game or one win created such excitement for one player?

That player is Dontrelle “D-Train” Willis.

Willis picked up his first victory in a Detroit Tigers uniform last night. Willis gave up no runs and one hit while striking out five. He walked just two while retiring 17 batters in a row at one point.

Prior to last season this would not have been such a big deal. This would have been expected from Willis every five days. Unfortunately those expectations have not been around for a while.

Beginning in 2007, his last season in Florida, Willis lost command of his control. Willis allowed the most hits, runs, earned runs, walks and had the highest ERA of his brief career. This after winning Rookie of the Year in 2003, a Cy Young runner up in 2005 and two all-star appearances in '03 and '05.

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